Thought For The Day

2022 If only. . .

If only our leaders in consumer protection would ban those “impossible to understand” fast talkers at the end of almost every sales promotion a lot of people would know they have just been lead astray by the preceding advertisement.

If only we could look forward to the future of 100 million electric cars being plugged in every night, we might want to rethink the failures of our electrical grid now when we have a cold spell (or 110 degree days) that lasts for more than a few hours.

If only Congress would work more, talk less, understand reality, and serve one (1) term, we might have a Government that accomplishes something for our Nation rather than special interests.

If only there were mandates regarding a limitation on excessive drinking, smoking, and reckless driving we might find people more amenable to wearing Covid masks.

If only Believers were willing to share their Faith with others we might find, within time, a more lloving, gentle, kind, caring society.

If only Believers were faithful to pray, learn the Truth, and find community within the confines of the Church of Jesus Christ. we might be able to save our Nation from catastrophic failure.

If only we lloved each other (Believers) like God lloves each of us.