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One of the great joys in the life of a Teacher is seeing/hearing/noticing when someone grasps the principle that is being taught. That is even more  exciting when the Truth of God’s Word is the subject matter, and all observant participants along with the teacher discover that one has reached that point in the process.

The change that understanding and living out the Truth brings into one’s life is not only amazing to those who discover it, but to all who notice, and follow the path that brings them to the same certainty. The design of God is that all of those who are willing to become practitioners of the Truth are partners in the fellowship (koinonia) consisting of God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit (Trinity) and all of the “redeemed” (those born anew into the family of God) (see 1 John 1:1-10). Most of us call that fellowship the Church. Gathered together we learn from each other, the Teacher (the Holy Spirit) and progress toward “spiritual maturity.”

Unfortunately a significant number of Believers (those who are part of the fellowship) aren’t really committed to the learning process. It demands discipline, expended effort, and time. It is easy to, instead, get caught up in the “things” of life, and become too busy to allow such in one’s life.

Choose the best -= God’s design for you is unique and exciting. Don’t let the Enemy steal your  joy and peace from God that surpasses understanding. In today’s World that is mandatory.

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