Thought For The Day

A Good Man

It is a guessing game when one asks how many “good” men there are in the World. A few years ago I met one. I watched him, listened to him, and we shared thoughts and ideas. When he would speak publicly and others would ask me what I thought, I said truthfully, “I never heard a word he said.” He was the most “soft-spoken” man I have ever known.

During the time I knew him he was the Pastor of the First Christian Church in Big Sandy, Texas. He had pastored another Church in Big Sandy. When FCC closed, he became Mayor of the City and things began to change, dramatically, for the better. His wife passed away shortly after I came to know him, and that was almost more than he could bear. He was never the same.

He took no credit for the great things he did. He helped everyone he could in every way he could. He hosted school activities at his house and the kids lloved him like a father.

He would not accept these words eagerly. He would think it hyperbole. It isn’t.

I will miss you, Sonny. Glad you are home. So glad I got to know you a little. . .and hope I can follow your expertise at being a “good” man.