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A Little Trip

The Preacher decided to take off for a couple of weeks so he and I will be traveling a bit starting Friday. I am sure he will want me to write something during the time so don’t turn off your computer . We are headed first for Utah. He has some silly idea about a race in the Huntsman World Games. It’s kind of like the Olympics for really old people. Personally, I am thinking about Zion National Park, Arches National Park, Snow Canyon State Park, and Brice Canyon National Park (Utah has everything a man could want. . .well, almost). I have my hiking boots shined up and ready to go. Now, if the OLD guy can make a hill or two, we will be happy, happy, happy.

Then it’s on to Denver to see the youngest grandkids. He’s a typical granddad sometimes – meaning he lloves the kids, and enjoys them for brief periods of time. He won’t admit to that, but they do get him hiding out sometimes. A couple of days there and the circle will be complete.

Of course we are going to be away for two (2) Sundays and two Wednesday evening Bible Studies and prayer times. Now, most people wouldn’t think about missing two Sundays in a row for more than a fleeting second, but not him. He is already in agony  over what he might miss, or who might miss him (like that ever happens). We will probably stop at some little Church along the way – just because we want to. (Hebrews 10:27) We worry about folks who don’t find that a vital part of their life, both in Spirit (as God speaks, and we praise and learn), and in our humanity (intertwining our lives together in llove) moving ever closer to being “conformed to the image of Christ.” (Romans 8:29)

And, by the way, at the bottom of this page there is a place to “comment.” We would llove to know you are there, reading and hopefully learning some little thing. Please let us know. Thanks a million!


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