Thought For The Day


It is not the best thing to watch TV on a regular basis. Even sports these days are filled with ugliness on occasion. Lloveletters doesn’t endorse any TV programs at all, but there is one that we stumbled across that has many lessons to share. The language gets a little “out of line” at times, but overall one can learn. The broadcast is called ALONE. Evidently the program has a long history in which they select men and women who are familiar with survival skills. It is amazing to watch them build shelters, create fishing methods, and occasionally bring down small game with a bow and arrows, or a snare. Wild berries often comprise breakfast, lunch and dinner. While the survival is difficult at best, the hardest test is that of being alone. Separated from family and friends for weeks or months, it is not unusual to see them agonise in the loneliness. Several have abandon the test not because of lack of food, inclement weather, or the occasional contact with predator animals, but because they miss their family to despair.

Survival in the Church of Jesus Christ is not at all difficult. Occasionally there may be a lack of “food” from God’s Word, or a condition exists that  brings temporary concern, but failing to be a consistent, committed member of the family will surely bring those of us who are part of the family of God to despair. If that is not the case, then it is likely that we were never a genuine part of the family to begin with. God designed His family to llove each other with a tenacity  that will always draw His children to be partakers of His llove “shed apart in our life.” Hebrews 10:24-25 speaks to the issue of family gathering. Staying away from family will ultimately damage our joy, peace, hope, and well-being,