Thought For The Day


I think when we hear the word “eulogy,” what comes immediately to our mind is a funeral and the one (or ones) who speaks regarding the life and actions of a deceased friend or family member (one’s enemies are rarely invited to speak at their funeral, notwithstanding the reality that sometimes the enemy and the family member are the same person – but I digress).

In the Greek New Testament the word that is translated “bless,” “blessed,” “blessing,” is the word eulogeo which means, literally, “to speak well of,” or “to praise, to celebrate with praises, and acknowledge goodness.”  [Vine, W. E., Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words.]  (I’m trying to make this post more intellectual, don’t you see?)

What if we made it a point to use our “eulogy” skills prior to speaking at the funeral or memorial service for our friend or family member? What if, every day, in every conversation, we chose to “speak well” of someone. . . or for that matter, everyone? What if we focused most on “acknowledging goodness” that we see in others rather than focusing on failures, mistakes, and how difficult one can be at times. . .or for that matter, all the time?

You may have never spoken at a memorial service or funeral. You may never have or choose that opportunity. But don’t let your eulogies go to waste. Try them on someone near you today. If you don’t know how, let me know. We have a lady in our Church who is so good at eulogies, everyone could learn from her.