Thought For The Day


While completing my undergraduate work I minored in English Literature. I particularly liked certain writings, and as I studied them, they became more richly rewarding with each reading. Someone reading Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” for the first time may not see the depth of the work, however, the story line is clear enough that one can enjoy the play at first reading or viewing.

How often I hear people say (complain, really) that the Bible is a difficult book. I hear those who should know better say that “the Bible is not clear on certain matters.” While the first statement may be true to one degree or another, the latter is simply wrong. Our problem with the Word of God is that we have not given it enough of our attention. Of course nothing in it will be clear to the heart and mind yet to be redeemed, but those of us who are indwelled by the Spirit of God (read: believers) have no excuse except our laziness.

God tells us plainly that His Word is clear, lucid, pure, and with every reading (read: study or hearing) we are more enlightened as to its depth and width. Everything I need to know is found in this book we call the Bible. With the very first reading (hearing) I will know enough to embrace the Cross of Christ. And with every subsequent encounter after the new birth experience, my happiness increases, my joy is more full, I am gaining wisdom, and I know a richer path through life in every circumstance. 

Those are the promises of God for my life when I know the Truth contained in His Word. (Psalm 19:7-9)