Thought For The Day


Today is cold. When I went outside at 4:30 this morning, I knew it would be one of those days of which I am not fond. My running partner was on time and we headed for trail, wind blowing, moist cold air awaited. After returning home it was off to handle the appointments – raining, cold, getting out of the car, running through the cold rain, and back again to the car. Well, enough said. I was cold all day, and as I write this I am wishing I had grabbed a blanket for the few moments of watching the News, before it’s off to bed.

It reminded me of a different kind of cold. The truth is the only time I forgot about being cold was while my running partner was talking to me on the trail reminding me why we were out there in the dark and cold. I was not cold when my bride and I had lunch with a friend and we talked about good times past and better time ahead. I wasn’t cold when we (my bride again) sat with our son and his family for dinner and we shared conversation about the  ongoings of life.

Maybe that is part and parcel of why so many believers are “cold” in their relationship with God. Why is it so easy to “sleep in” on Sunday morning morning, and be too tired on Wednesday evening? Why is it hard to take a period of time every day for Bible study? Is it because we try to do it without close interaction with others, and little intimate contact with our Heavenly Father day by day. We don’t join in the Worship experience, or yearn for greater knowledge of Scripture. We don’t “pray without ceasing.” We have grown cold.

The truth is, I can be cold natured naturally. I need my friends to bring “warmth” to our encounters. I need God’s people joining with me in Praise and Adoration. I need there Spirit of God warming my mind and heart with Truth and building righteousness in my life.

I feel warmer. . .writing this, and I pray you feel warmer reading it.