Thought For The Day

Down From the Mountain

In Matthew 5 Jesus went up on a mountain followed by a crowd of people. In Matthew 8 He came down from the mountain and was followed by a crowd of people. On the mountain Jesus shared the TRUTH in the manner that only He could accomplish. It was what is commonly called by His followers a “mountain top experience.”

Once down from the mountain the crowd was reminded of the reality that they (and we) did (do) not live in a “mountain top” environment. Rather, we live in a World of hurt, pain, suffering, and death. 2020 is for those of us here in the United States an example of how many people around the World live throughout their lifetime. Rampant sickness, shortages of everything we find “necessary” for our daily life, struggle, discouragement, crisis days (or weeks – or months), and uncertainty regarding one’s safety, security, and future.

My bride and I have told others about our “vacation” this year – we took a trip to a nearby town to see and watch the sawmill at work with trees from surrounding areas. We stayed for a couple of hours and drove home with a “butterfinger blizzard” as our treat. Things are not like they used to be. No trips to Oregon or Colorado to see the kids, and no trip to Maine to see. . .Maine. Sometimes she can’t find the groceries she wants, and I never get used to wearing a mask when I go some place. And, we have it really GOOD. All around us there are many with so much pain and struggle.

We need to understand the the “mountain tops” must often (or always for some) be internal. With prayer (Ephesians 6:18), family (Ephesians 5:31), and Church (Romans 12:5) we can find those experiences in the midst of  life’s “problems.” Don’t forsake the practices that God designed for us so that we might live in this World as “foreigners” enroute to our “Mountain Top” home where we shall spend eternity with our Redeemer, Savior, and Lord.

Until then – Hang on! We win even bigger in the end!