Thought For The Day

Dress For Success

Remember “dress for success?” Remember when you were picking clothes for school or Church and your mom said, “wear your school jeans” (meaning the ones that were not tattered and torn from your work in the fields), and “wear your best clothes — we’re going to worship the Lord.” When you got to be a senior in high school, or went off to college, there were always lectures on “dress for success.”

I know no one works “in the fields” anymore. I know clothing has become much more casual over the years. I know that even the “preacher” at the Church down the way wears jeans to the pulpit, and Heaven only knows what schools will allow –

Here’s a note from the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram: To people of another generation, Arlington High School student Isaac Cruz sometimes looks as if he fell into a tiger exhibit at the zoo and barely escaped with his life and his pants. But those rips and holes that run from thigh to cuff in his favorite faded jeans are part of a look he paid $80 for — on sale. (Regular price for pre-destroyed jeans: commonly $100-plus, students say.) He is no stranger to the enforcement end of the school district’s student dress code. But the district may be broadening its fashion sense, at least in this area. The school board could vote as early as Saturday on a revision that would allow students, for the first time in years, to wear jeans with holes and tears.

I am reminded of a word from Solomon in the book of Proverbs (22:15) – Foolishness is tangled up in the heart of a youth. . .”

Unfortunately, in my opinion, foolishness has gone a bit further. It’s still not time for the foolish to be making decisions for the wise. We are always judged by our appearance – right or wrong – and clothes make a huge difference in that perception.

“You’re just old and prejudiced,” you say. You’re right! But I do wear my best stuff to Church, and I save the “stuff with holes” for the farm. And I am eminently successful – right?  Right? (C’mon, a little help here!!)