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Exciting Places (A Requested Repeat from 7/20/2010)

Today (July 20) my bride and I visited the metropolis of Leuders, Texas. It is just a mile or two down the road from our Mission Trip headquarters at Big Country Assembly.

We drove down Main street (which is also the highway) right through the middle of town. There were several old building on each side of the street but it appeared that every one of them had long been abandoned. At the South end of Main there was a small “gas station/market,” but all else was quiet.

We drove by the school and they had dates up on the sign advertising the start of school. Evidently they do have kids in this place where one would have to go somewhere else for anything other than a bottle of pop and some overpriced gasoline.

I got to thinking about all the abandoned “positions” in the “building up” of the family of God. Good people, redeemed  people, who have decided that their place and part in the family of God is not worth showing up and ministering on a regular basis. Just as those abandoned buildings in Leuders are in various conditions of disrepair, so many folks in the Church are looking a little shabby spiritually because others have abandoned them.

Maturity of  “the faith” for all – is an exciting destination. We surely do need to get there.

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