Thought For The Day

Finally. . .maybe

The new Texas law banning abortion as early as six weeks is in effect. The Supreme Court took no action against it. Those who are guilty of pre-meditated, first degree, capital murder are screaming. How I llove to hear their “killing business” is “suffering.” There is little doubt that the law will ultimately be stuck down, but perhaps a few lives may be spared in the meantime.

Texas will not enforce the law, rather, individuals or organizations will have to sue the abortion provider. It seems as if there is no consensus regarding such an astronomical heinous crime spree. Meanwhile, around our Country, and the World, millions and millions of the most innocent among us will have their life ended without any anxiety, concern, or even thought.

I know it is a controversial issue – but it is pure unadulterated MURDER. I am convinced when God brings judgment on this Nation (and others), it will be in large part because of our unwillingness to stand for LIFE.