Thought For The Day


From a story by JAY LINDSAY, Associated Press Writer: BOSTON – “Call them Pavlov’s fish: Scientists are testing a plan to train fish to catch themselves by swimming into a net when they hear a tone that signals feeding time.”

What will we think of next? That does not sound like a lot of fun for the fishermen among us.

Of course, the Church is way ahead in this game. We have figured out how to get people to come to Church by creating an environment that looks like the World and sounds like the World, and then when they arrive, give them worldly information.

Jesus sent His disciples forth to be “fishers of men.” His plan is to “go and tell.” The hoopla around “come and hear” often leaves the hearer, while part of the nickels and noses, still lost on the broad road that leads to destruction.

Maybe the Church needs less scientists and more fisherman.