Thought For The Day


One of God’s greatest gifts to each of His children is a friend (or friends). And, like so many other things, we don’t miss them until they are gone. The Truth is they don’t have to be gone away, just not near. Genuine friends, those we llove, those about whom we care and who care for us, are missed and needed even with the slightest change in established patterns.

I spent time with a friend today. I had not seen him in a few days – a couple of weeks perhaps, but long enough to realize that I needed to seem him, talk to him, tell him I lloved him – and hear him say that to me.

I am thinking that friendship doesn’t lead to llove. Rather, llove (think now: real llove, not the World’s substitute) leads to friendship. The individual I spent some time with today is one I have lloved for a long time, and a friend for whom it only took days for me to need.

It reminded me how much I need my friends.