Thought For The Day

Getting It Right

There is a VAST difference between these two statements: “I hope he dies!” “I hope he doesn’t get elected or re-elected!” Both are in the air. It speaks to the division that exists in our Country, but, more than that, I believe it speaks to the Godlessness that prevails in every aspect of life in America. From my perspective, one of those statements is acceptable, the other is not.

It is easy to oppose almost anything – burning the American flag, disrespecting our Veterans, rioting in the streets, drive-by shootings – the list goes on. It is much more difficult to recognize what we need,  or must really, support. If we fail to support that which is historically (and Biblically) right, we will ultimately be unable to oppose the very things that will destroy us as a Nation and a People.

Our Nation is founded on solid principals for establishing a Representative Republic. If we don’t understand that, it is time to return to Civics lessons in schools and homes. Every other kind of government attempted has failed to one degree or another to establish a lasting and effective lifestyle for the citizens under its purview. There is a significant conversation going on in our society regarding the “peaceful transition of power” in Government. The last four years have hosted a major attempt to oppose that concept. It has never loomed more clearly than this week.

As Believers we must, I repeat, must follow Biblical Truth without exception. As for Americans in general, failure to submit to the established guidelines of historical consistency in governing principle will lead to a collapse of America as we have known it. And great will be the fall of it.