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Giving Thanks

“Some mornings I wish there was a greater way to say thank you to our Lord. My life is like a missile in a hail storm. It is flying hundreds of miles an hour and if just one ball of hail hits the missile, it will explode. So many things have to go perfectly correct for existence to continue.  Yet, here I am every day with a new, never failing lump of daily bread for my family and me, and a new song in my spirit. The immensity of His greatness is inexpressible with words. He is the One and we are His. That, my friend, is the greatest news I have ever received. And just as soon as I say thank you for my daily bread, my morning job is waiting in the sun flowers.”

The note above came one day this past week from a very good and important friend. He is important because He is my brother in Christ, my friend on this journey, and has an all consuming desire for God’s Truth for his family and himself. How I wish the local congregation I attend, and all the other gathering of God’s family, were filled with such a desire for Truth.

The reason there is so little desire for Truth, is, in part, because it is a discipline that demands our time and effort. John, the Apostle, tells us in his first letter (see 1 John 2:24ff) that we have the Spirit of God in us if we are believers, and that He (the Spirit) teaches us everything (which is, by God’s grace, already in us) that is genuine Truth. Our part is to provide the time, attention, and expenditure of energy allowing the Spirit to accomplish the task. Know that overall it takes a lifetime to really begin to understand the “mind of Christ” (see 1 Corinthians 2:16) Since we are still here (and not already in Heaven), take a clue from someone who is committed to whatever it takes to “know Him” (Philippians 3:10).


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