Thought For The Day


Tomorrow I will see three of my grandchildren. It’s been a while. I will pick them up at the airport and drive them to the farm and spend the next several days trying to keep them busy having a good time. Sometimes old men and kids find themselves at odds, and I will be working hard to avoid that. I spent all of my time with boys (four sons, five grandsons) until five years ago. That’s when the first girl was born into our family. She is not the same. . .at all. I never thought about little girls and how to make them happy. I still don’t have it down. No one among the grand babies has caught my attention more than that beautiful child. I don’t llove her more than the boys, but I want to do what she likes when she is around, and that is mostly different from “boy” stuff.

It reminds me of my Heavenly Father’s llove. While He is forever present, I am convinced He would like more of my attention. He has given me access to incredible gifts, provides for my every need, and is guiding and guarding my pathway though this angry World. If I am not careful, I can get so involved in the day to day that my focus is skewed towards lesser things. There are so many distractions. I am not speaking of “sinful” distractions, rather the intrusion of diversions which are not consistent with genuine holiness. Life is so busy, so fraught with “good” things to accomplish that we lose sight of walking in the light of His presence. . . and our calling.

I want my grandchildren to enjoy being with me. I am not sure they always do. I can’t help but wonder if that is true for God and me. Is it true for God and you? We must treat every day as the most important day of our life. Our World seems closer to the end than ever before – because it is. At my age I might consider the possibility that this is one of the last times I will have with these wonderful children on this Earth. I want to make the best of it – all day, every day that comes.