Thought For The Day


Do you consider yourself a happy person? I find myself around some folks that evidently would answer that question negatively. I have one friend in particular that seems happy all the time.

I am confident that happpiness is a choice. And we make that choice regularly. It probably has more to do with focus than circumstances. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have something to be unhappy about. But I want to be one of those people, and be surrounded by those people, who choose to be happy.

I’m happy I awoke this morning. Some didn’t (they are not reading this note). I am happy that I have a job and people who llove me. I know that’s not true for some, but there’s more. The sun came up, the air is still breathable, and this is still a sovereign Nation. God is still on the throne, and the Church of Jesus Christ will prevail. Focus on some of that, and more!

Choose to be happy today! It could start a trend.