Thought For The Day

It’s Cold Outside

Editor’s Note: Christian and the Preacher disagreed on posting this Lloveletter. Christian won. Don’t blame the Preacher!

January 2, 2022, it’s cold outside and it’s Sunday morning. That is not a good mix. There are even flurries of snow falling around the building, but the roads are clear. So we know to expect a small crowd, have a teacher or two missing, and everyone will feel a bit of concern about whether or not to even consider meeting on Sunday evening.

One would think that the cold of Earth’s temperature would not be able to affect the heart of a dedicated Believer. It’s the LORD’s day. His challenge to us is to “not forsake the gathering of ourselves together” (Hebrews 10:25). Jesus went to the synagog regularly, it would appear (Luke 4:16). While the Church of the New Covenant worships on Sunday, many folks are not absolute in their desire to gather with the Body of Christ with consistency. Sometimes it’s just too cold. Sometimes we have guests, or our alarm clock failed, or the children were obstinate.

At the little Church where I attend (where the Preacher doesn’t like for me to complain) there was a smaller group than normal. . .but we heard a message embracing the goal of unhindered faithfulness to God and His Word, leading to greater Spiritual Maturity over the course of 2022.

The Truth is we have yet to see many Churches where the vast majority (surely not everyone?) of Believers believe that Spiritual Maturity and faithfulness are mandatory for reaping the full blessings of our Father. Would it not be amazingly wonderful to hear the Spirit’s whisper within each of us – day by day – “well done, good and faithful servant.”