Thought For The Day

Let’s Study That

From an AP story: “PHILADELPHIA – Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton called on President Bush on Monday to appoint ‘an emergency working group on foreclosures’ to recommend new ways to confront the nation’s housing finance troubles.”

Don’t you just love politicians? Republicans, Democrats, whoever, know that when there is a problem, and no one wants to take responsibility, form a study group. Seems to me everyone with a lick of sense knows how we got into this housing mortgage mess, but no one wants to face the music of getting out. So lets study it for a while – at least long enough to get past the election, keep as much blame as possible focused on President Bush, get Congress focused on something else for which they have no Constitutional authority, and, if at all possible, be reminded again and again which “candidate” is solving problems (i. e. creating study groups).

One task the Government is much better at than the Church is getting people to study stuff. Maybe if the Church studied the Bible a little more diligently, we would be smarter than the politicians, which isn’t saying much, then, is it?