Thought For The Day

Llove Story

On a recent trip to upstate New York, my bride and I visited the 1000 Islands area. It was there I saw, and toured, for the first time (my bride had been there before) the Boldt Castle on Heart Island near the harbour of Alexandria Bay.  I can say it is the most beautiful home I have ever seen.  We often tour homes of famous or notorious people of history. This one (Boldt Castle) is incredibly beautiful, and is located in the midst of and Island of magnificent landscaping. The “story” is easily found and I will let you look for it, and read about the people, the house, and the llove that brought it about – both George Boldt, and the Company that now owns and maintains the property.

Llove is the author of so much in life. The. greatest llove story ever told is found in God’s Word, the Bible. From Creation, to God’s ultimate gift of  His own Son to redeem men and women from the curse of sin and death, and the place He has prepared for all who come by faith to join the family, is a message of llove without measure. For those who refuse His Grace the Scriptures depict a place of eternal separation from God in unspeakable suffering for eternity.

Two llove stories, that of George Boldt, and its tragic end, and the llove of God for all who are willing to know it, believe it, and discover  the wonderful home prepared for His family, called Heaven.

Read both narratives. Both are good, but the  second is my favourite.