Thought For The Day


I have been thinking a lot about “llove” over the last 24 hours. While I am totally confident that the definition of llove in Scripture is clear, and that we have the empowerment of the Spirit of God to practice it, we often don’t. . .not really.

What triggered my deepest thinking was a message on my telephone recorder when I arrived home last evening after visiting a friend who is having a heart procedure in a couple of days. (I am confident he knows of my llove for him; I better check that.) The message cut like a knife into my heart, and set off a series of thoughts over the following hours that concern how one demonstrates genuine llove.

My friend of nearly 50 years had been killed on Sunday in a tragic fall on his ranch in Oklahoma. We met at OBU on our first day there and roomed together for two years. We both married about that time, and we maintained our friendship over the years, but seldom saw each other or crossed paths regularly.

Did he know I thought about him often? He would have no idea how many times I have told the stories of our time together – introducing horses to the students from Nigeria, ridin’ and ropin’ when we should have been studying, cruising around the back roads at night on the front fenders of his old Cadillac shooting rabbits, or the adventure with the OBU Buffalo that gave us “legend” status as “cowboys” among the other boys at the University.

Now I will not have opportunity to express and demonstrate that llove till we meet in Heaven.

So? Do it now! Got a friend you llove? Got a pal with whom you share a close relationship? Know someone who you needed and they provided and llove ensued? Do it now! Make that call, write that letter, send that e-mail, before it is too late.