Thought For The Day

Lost. . .

Spending part of the day walking through downtown Denver, CO this morning allowed me to be clearly reminded that some folks are lost. Lost in poverty, lost in mental acuity, lost in the process of getting through life in an environment they no longer subscribe to, or understand, or can figure out. Old,  young, white, black, brown, Asian, alone or in groups of 2 or more, wander the streets (on this very cold day), or park themselves on benches in public places, or spread a piece of canvas on the the side sidewalk.  Some are sorting their possessions, or talking to themselves, or begging passers by for a handout. They enter the small eateries and beg for food, and are often turned away. Some seem to have no idea where they are or the conditions in which they survive. The City is not kind – small parks and sitting places are enclosed with chainlink fences to keep them out, and they are constantly ensconced in filth and debris. Many of them seemed to suffer from a variety of mental separations from reality. It is indeed a sad sight.

Unfortunately, it is a reality that most of the people in this World are lost when it comes to understanding the Truth regarding the nature of what God designed for all of His creation. There should be no one who is unable to eat regularly, have sufficient housing, suffer from lack of  a hygienic lifestyle, and all people should be able to find the means to live a healthy (by-in-large) life. The sufficiency of God’s provision is clear, and yet we have found ways to be selfish, uncaring, and blind to the ravages of the Enemy who is among us to steal, kill, and destroy, and to snatch life now, and for eternity, from those who fail to find redemption and Truth in this life.

We (the family of God) are not blameless in these days in relationship to that which we are to be about – lloving one another. God IS llove! If we are genuinely part of His family we will demonstrate (live out) that llove in us (His Spirit) to all people – even those who don’t deserve our attention because of their unwillingness to participate in what our Society demands for success in the World.

I want to say, “It’s not my fault!” Actually, it is. All of us! Or. . .it’s God’s fault. You pick.