Thought For The Day

Middle Ground

“We are standing on Holy Ground, and I know that there are Angels all around. Let us praise Jesus now. We are standing in His presence on Holy Ground.” (Doe Jones)’

I really like that chorus and have sung it many times. I have come to the realisation,  however, that that may not be true for all of us all the time, or for any of us most of the time. Rather, the Truth is that we are making an attempt to “stand” on middle ground. Of course we are failing because there is no middle ground.

Jesus said that we are to “llove the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, and mind.” (Matthew 22:37) The Truth is we are so often distracted by the wiles of the Enemy our day to day walk does not demonstrate that. We allow a plethora of disobedient acts to make each day impure in the process. That is not the only area where we flounder, if the truth be known. We are disobedient to so many  of His commands, and our commitment to llove one another. (See the “Second Command” from the mouth of our Lord).

One glaring exception to our uncompromising llove is the lack of commitment to His Body, the Church. We find ourselves too tired or too busy, or to surrounded by our attention to others, to focus on loving Him (not words, but a lifestyle of Holiness).

We are commissioned to be witnesses to others regarding Redemption, and yet ignore opportunities to share our faith, and the Gospel message of His Salvation  in a World dying of sin and despair.

There is no “middle ground.” It is ALL or NOTHING.” We are with Him, or we are  against Him. (Matthew 12:30) Thats’s the Truth!