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Mother’s Day

It feels strange that writing today is in regard to women who don’t want to be mothers – yet, or again, or now, or ever – but are unwilling to avoid the actions that bring about such happenings.

With the possibility that the SCOTUS is about to overturn the law regarding the most deadly crime in the World, the screams and anger of countless women are reaching the airwaves. While that action will not end abortion (pre-mediated, first degree, capital murder), it might at least, for a change, give pause to the genocide we are experiencing at the moment. While several States are passing “better” laws, there is only one real solution: stop abortion completely.

God is the giver (creator, building every human since the beginning of time) of life. He is not the author of death, and the madness of those who would kill life for pocket change. What is a life worth? How many have to die before we realise we are killing ourselves with the relentless murder of the most innocent among us.

Stand for life! Save a life! Make a life! Speak out again those who would destroy life.

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