Thought For The Day

Navigating the Airwaves

Is it possible that we can no longer get through our busy life without a cell phone? My old one stopped working the other day (two years old – and already broken) so I got another through the insurance program. The kind I had is no longer made. . .or “available,” so they sent me a “comparable” one. Yeah, right! It may be comparable, but it sure is different, and trying to make it work using the same movements as on the old one is not. . .shall we say, working. I have to learn how to do it (use it) all over again. When you’re my age, half-blind, hard-of-hearing, short on precise finger movement and long on accidental finger movements, well, to say the least, I am a bit frustrated. So much so that I have considered contacting one of my 14 year old grandsons to show me how to “do it.”

Which brings me to an important thought. I am so glad (pleased, excited, grateful) the Word of God does not change with the blowing of the wind. What I learned last week, last year, last decade, last century, is still and for always the same. Everything works just like it did when the Spirit of God breathed the words through the chosen writers. Not one thing ever needs to be recalculated or reprogrammed, nor is God’s operation ever different than from the beginning of time.

Thank you, God, for the clear, simple, unchanging Truth. Now, about this cell phone. . .