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I had a “sit down” with the Preacher this morning. He was headed out for another day of hard, hot work. I think he is beginning to miss the good old times when he was twice as busy, but not nearly so tired. I couldn’t resist asking him which was worse – being busy 24/7/365 or working in the woods for six or eight hours, then going to bed mostly without interuption till the following day?

Here’s the answer he gave me. I am not sure I understand. . .so, I wonder if you do.

He said: Imagine you own a restaurant that serves the best food in the World. healthy food, delicious food, life changing food, food that fills one with joy, and creates in you a desire for more as often as possible. So you find those foods, study how to prepare them in the most inviting ways, putting them together in attractive forms and groups, and offer them at no charge whatsoever. Time comes to open the door.  You have set the table, turned on the AC, made the effort to make sure all is clean,  healthy, comfortable and everyone knows exactly when to arrive – but only a precious few of the multitude that indicate your restaurant is their favourite, show up. How do you make yourself believe that the food is really that good, or that others who indicate that they are interested in being healthy eaters really just aren’t hungry. You begin to wonder it they just don’t like the cook. If you ask about it they say – “I was just too tired, or busy, or didn’t feel well, or have eaten that before, and I can always just snack at home.” Of course you are confident they think the cook isn’t tired, or doesn’t feel well, or could snack at home as well.

All I could say was  – “What on Earth are you talking about? I wasn’t looking for one of your “fables.” He just turned and walked away. Sometimes I worry about the guy.

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