Thought For The Day

Not Working

Not much happening the past week or so as far as my MacBook is concerned. It advised me my password was incorrect, and after we argued for a while it shut me out.  Took me several days to figure out how to get it going again. . .hence I missed a lot of email and didn’t get any lloveletters posted.  Now that it is working again. . .I will try harder to get some work done.

Actually it reminded me that sometimes our relationship with our Father is like that. The Psalmist said, “God, create a clean heart for me and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” (Psalm51:10) There is an absolute necessity of renewal if we are to persevere. All things need renewal. Rivers need new rain and snow if they are to continue to flow. The strongest man yields to death without proper nutrition. What did David mean – “You restore my soul. . .?  (Psalm 23) What did Isaiah mean – “they that wait upon the Lord renew their strength. . . (Isaiah 53) Lamentations 5:21 is a prayer for restoration – “restore us to yourself, so we may return, renew our day as in former times.”

We are powerless to renew our own Spirit.  Jesus said, “Without me you can do nothing.” A broken car can not fix itself. A watch that fails cannot repair its own band.  As we cannot be saved  without the power of God, so we cannot be renewed without it. We must follow through on what it takes – a plan to continue the renewal process.

There are wonderful results from doing so. The return of joy, peace, hope; the ability to minister, and experiencing the joy of salvation. Couples often find greater depth in their relationships when they renew their wedding vows.

Are you willing to begin again to live under the direction and  power of the Spirit?