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Old Growth

Along the road frontage down on the farm there is a relatively narrow spit of land that separates the lake from the roadway. It is maybe 2-300 yards from end to end. It varies from less than a few feet to about 15 feet. There is the fence, and there are trees – huge pines and other species that have been growing there seemingly forever. One can reach that area from the lake or from the roadway. Suffice it to say no one had done so in a long, long time.

I decided a few years ago to clean it up, i.e. get rid of everything but the trees and make the lake more attractive for the occasional vehicle that comes along the road. I started work on it this week. With clippers and my trusty machete I am making progress.  In three days I have removed, except for the trees, everything outside the fence covering a distance of about 11.237 feet. It’s too wet to work inside the fence so there’s that, but outside the fence it looks better. I never dreamed it could be so difficult. The vines, and underbrush are thick – but the briars are man killers. They twist and turn, growing to the tops of 50 foot trees and then on to other trees down the line. Trying to remove them is mind bending and back breaking. Sometimes, when pulling them down, I walk leaning backwards down the road, almost to another State, before getting them on the ground.

It gets me to thinking about our life here on Earth. So often we neglect “things” until we have become so filled with the sins of this World that we can no longer clearly see the Truth, treasure God’s Word or pray with power, and have totally abandon the family of God (the Church), allowing our heart and mind to become a ugly mess of disobedience. The solution, of course is one step away – “if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sin and to cleanse us of all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9). But the clean-up of the entanglements that have taken our joy and peace, created damaging relationships with the “World,” and foolish disobedience, can take a while.

The view, down on the farm will be more beautiful than ever. . .if only I keep my work consistent and endless.

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  • Cheryl White

    If only we keep our eyes on the Father rather than worldly things, our life would be so much better. Unfortunately, we usually learn from this when it’s too late.