Thought For The Day

One Day Left

If you are going to do something different in the way you live your life everyday, you have only one day left to make the decisions and get started the very first day or 2023. Multitudes plan to do so, and many do make changes in their day to day walk, but few have the fortitude to make it happen for the next 365 days.

You could do some genuine praying, every day. Read seriously the Scriptures, every day. Smile at the people around you, every day. Speak words of llove to those you really llove, every day. I can promise you that will change a plethora of “things” in your every week.

Maybe you could get back in the Church you have neglected, a few times each week. Perhaps you might ask a friend, or lloved one, if they have “come to faith in Christ,” and if the answer is no, share with them the path to eternal life in Christ Jesus, the Lord.

To change our ways takes discipline, effort, commitment, and time. Losing weight is good, and much better if your are growing in Truth and Llove. Stoping smoking is great for your health, and will rid the “temple of God” (if you are a Believer) of the nasty smoke that is slowly killing you. Genuine prayer will put you in the place God can (and will) begin a change that is life-giving and life-building, on a track that makes “all thing new” in His loving care and perfect knowledge.

You have to start somewhere – if you want a change in 2023. Why not make your life a blessing to some others, starting today? After all, YOU are lloved (see John 3:16), and help is at your heart’s (innermost being) door.