Thought For The Day


Are you truly “saved?” There are a lot of words we use when talking about saving faith in Christ Jesus, Lord of All. “You must be born again“(John 3:3ff) were the words Nicodemus heard when he came to ask Jesus about the matter. It is vital that you know the answer to my question. Yes or No, it matters that you understand. If your answer is NO, then you and I need to talk. Or, you need to find someone (hopefully not difficult) who knows what it means to be part of the family of God and speak with that person about this matter. (Please read 1 John :23-24)

According to John, the Apostle, there are three major evidences of your faith: (1) Belief in the name of Jesus, (2) practicing the disciplines of genuine llove, and (3) obedience to the commands of Scripture. Figuring out if you are redeemed by the blood of Christ, born again, saved (whatever accurate word you wish to use) is not difficult.

First: Believe – it is not some fanciful leap into the complexities of systematic theology, but a child returning to the arms of a lloving Father because the blood of the Savior cleared the way. The first time (as a very young boy) I jumped into my father’s arms, I did not understand his strength, his llove, his will to catch me or the nature of his failure to perform. I trusted him, and I jumped. Believing Faith is no different. Commit your life to Him (Christ). Trust what He says.

Second: Llove – Llove is the practice of a discipline. Jesus said that we are, by the nature of saving faith, able to llove one another, required to llove one another, and Holy Spirit empowered to llove one another. That is a learned process. You will find that God’s genuine children will draw you into that relationship.

Third: Obedience – It requires doing what we are told. It is not complicated: We must Hear – God’s Word, God’s voice, God’s Spirit. Understand – Comprehend what to do, and do it. Willful participation – Just do it!!

The only path to Redemption (salvation) is through Jesus Christ. His substitutionary death on the cross to redeem you from the sin of unbelief is the heart of the matter. Whosoever will may come, but you must come! Not to the front of a Church building, and not to the waters of baptism, but to Genuine faith, Genuine Llove, and Genuine Obedience.

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