Thought For The Day

Runner Down!

I came in from mowing grass around the lake and my bride showed me the news flash on the runner in the St. George, Utah marathon who collapsed and died near the finish. I am shocked that a young man (22 years old according to the news clip), or any other man or woman, who would obviously be expected to be in great “shape” dies along the course of a race.

Two things that collide. I am headed for St. George this week-end. I will be running in the Huntsman World Games. I will only be taking on 3000 meters, but a run none-the-less. I am in great “shape.” Maybe. . .

I am hoping this young man, who has moved into God’s judgement (see Hebrews 9:27), will find that His name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. So many young people have moved past the reality that “one must be born again”  (John 3:3-7)if they are to spend eternity in the presence of  God. No one expects that they will come to the final moments of their life in this manner. Young, healthy, a long distance runner, all speak of the probability of a future, bright with opportunity.

I will be running with “old men” who have seen a lot of life. This could be the last race for any of us. I know we don’t like thinking about that, but it’s just there, real, possible, and we must be prepared. I am taking time to pray for the family of this young man, though they will never know that. I am taking time to pray for all those who ran this Marathon, and all the “older” people who will be running next week. I hope there is an opportunity to speak to one or some of them about this matter of “new birth in Christ.” It’s never to0 early to know the Truth. And it’s never too late. . .till it is.

If you don’t know the Savior, find someone to introduce you to Him. Now! This the the time!