Thought For The Day

Take Over. . .

It appears our Government is taking over another facet of our life. It’s a little scary, but not unprecedented. It is an issue mostly because we are without essential and time-tested research into the possible side effects that could occur with the addition of the Covid 19 vaccination swirling through or bodies. While I am not a proponent of fear, I can identify with those who are afraid of what “might be.” On the one hand I do not wish to see another person die of this virus, but I also want to be confident that some months or years down the road there are not significant unseen outcomes. I am also confident that God has numbered our days, and nothing, nothing can overrule or change that which He has mandated.

Which brings me to the point. Nothing is more dangerous than living out the years allotted to you without consideration of the reality that every person is born under the curse of sin and death. Hebrews 9:27 is clear that all people will one day face the end of their life, and stand before an infinite God who will pass judgment. We are immortal with or without immunity to the curse of sin and death. No one should believe that they will escape this life for something that does not exist, whether that be something foolish like reincarnation, or a simple transference to a blissful life on a cloud strumming a harp for eternity. The alternative to endless agony in a place prepared for those who are disobedient regarding God’s design,  is to discover the reality that He is ready to “redeem” all who would come to faith in Christ Jesus as Lord and  Savior. If you have never reached out for that gift of life, I encourage you to do so. Find a Church that proclaims the Gospel of Salvation “by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.” Feel free to contact “” if you wish. Let the “take over” of your life be the power of God’s llove for you!