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The Amazing Beauty of God’s World

My whole family (with the exception of two grandsons) spent last week in the amazing beauty of Alaska. It was the first visit for some and second for my bride and I. This is a wonderful time to visit. Cool, yes, and rain made its appearance at times, but nothing interferes with the striking mountains, and incredibly beautify lakes, and waterfalls that stream from high in the lofty distance. The creation of our Father, whether the trees and fields of our Texas home, or the magnificent snow covered heights of Alaska, our Father gives great and marvellous gifts.

We (my bride and I) have been blessed to see so much of this Planet. I have visited ever Continent with the exception of Antartica, and His work is beyond description. Yet the most amazing work of His hands is the life-changing power of His design, to transform men and women, even little children, through the sacrificial life of Jesus Christ, into His own image. Just to imagine His llove for us, His grace and mercy given so freely, and His desire (speaking in anthropomorphic terms) for our redemption, rises above all else.

Even if one never gets the opportunity to see the beauty of this globe, we have the opportunity to see Heaven (which I believe is unspeakable and unknowable now), and dwell there for eternity. (See Romans 10:9-10, 13)

I can’t take you to Alaska, but I can help you find Heaven. And the later is more important than the former. (John 3:16)

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