Thought For The Day

The Map

Traveling in a new place, like a City, or perhaps in the effort to find a place where you are going to see something spectacular, is best done with a map. I understand that most of us have automobiles that provide GPS (or maybe you have a handheld device), but that is precarious at best. The GPS I have in my car cannot remember the route to a certain point, and will send you to where you went yesterday by a different route today. It’s a little frustrating – at best.

The city of St. George, Utah is located around a series of buttes and many of the roads are quite curvy and change names in various places. I am sure the good folks that live here are not confused at all – but. . . Of course, being nearly blind does not help.

During morning devotions today I was thinking about how confusing it is to get through this World,  in this life. There are so many curvy roads, and so many maps, and a plethora of people who say they know the way of life, but fail woefully short of having the right directions.

There is only one map. There is only One who knows the way. There are infinite ways to go wrong. There are vast groups of people who never find the right path – but keep traveling on missing the WAY and coming to the wrong destination.

Scripture tells us, “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.”  (Proverbs 14:12) If I have learned anything from being confused sometimes, it is how true this Scripture is in life.