Thought For The Day

The Teacher

For someone, gifted by God to teach His Truth, there is little more fulfilling than having the opportunity to do so. Long years of study and education to gain knowledge, and the work of God’s Spirit in the mind and heart of one chosen to see and understand, in part, the Truth, brings joy to both hearer and teacher.

It is, however, not without a bit of pain and suffering. There is only ONE TRUTH! A scripture verse (passage, book, narrative, parable, etc.) does not have multiple meanings. That is not to say that the impact of the message strikes every Believer in the same manner, or with the same insight, rather, it must not be interpreted to say something it does not say, or be changed by faulty thinking, to fit one’s agenda or prejudice.

Hence the “rub.” The simple reality is that misinterpretation is a prominent problem in the 21st Century Church (body of Christ). Only God, in His infinite wisdom, is without error. When the family of God gathers to absorb the Truth, there will often be differences of opinion, and that creates stress and strain.  That should, I am convinced, draw us deeper into the disciplines of llove rather than the distractions of disagreement. Those who are led by God’s Spirit must amicably work through to agreement, or agree to disagree without allowing the slightest disturbance to invade the Body. Working together in llove, praying for clarity of mind and heart, can lead to greater understanding of that ONE TRUTH that God designed for us in His infallible Word.

May our prayer always be for God’s wisdom and revelation to be revealed in us, and our llove strengthen by our actions in the Body of Christ.