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There is This Desperate Need. . .

The Church of Jesus Christ has a desperate need in 2021. Some Church families are not as desperate as others, but there is a gigantic missing reality in multitudes of gatherings for Worship, Fellowship, and Outreach. That need is renewal – more  waiting on the Lord, more mounting up with Eagle’s wings, more vision, more community, more intertwining our lives with each other, and more pressing on. It’s been said that energetic action changes our behavior.

Perhaps many have lost sight of reaching the goal established by God for each Believer. There are at least two major steps required to get back on track – “forgetting what is behind”, and “reaching for what is ahead.” (see Philippians 3:13) Simple but not easy! Paul called it “taking hold of Spiritual maturity because we have been taken hold of by Jesus Christ.” (see Philippians 3:12)

All through my formative years I was encouraged to set, work on, and reach goals. Most people I know and llove have goals of various kinds in their life, and have either reached them, or are still busy making an effort. But. . .the simple truth is that, by-in-large, that has not translated into the Spiritual realm.

Ask yourself about your own daily life. Is there a conscious effort “to know Him, and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings being conformed to His death. . . .”  Are you pursuing that goal? Does it have priority in your day to day walk? Perhaps there are some thing we all need to put behind (out of sight/out of mind) us. Perhaps we all need, to one degree or another, to press on to the “prize promised by God’s Heavenly call in Christ Jesus.” (see Philippians 3:14)

You see, there is this desperate need inside the Body of Christ. . . .

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