Thought For The Day

Tis’ the Week Before Christmas. . .

This will be my 77th Christmas. I don’t remember anything about the first few, and little about those past that. As we age (I’ve been doing a lot of that) the memory part of one’s brain seems to take a walk, and never come back. Fortunately I can still remember some great times with family and friends during the last 35 years or so, and a little musing is front and centre during these days.

As always, I am never ready for the moment. My bride has gifts for all on her/our list, most already rapped and mailed, or stored for those we will be with. I. have not a single gift ready for the few that I take care of personally (like my bride, closest lloved friends, etc.). I plan to get it done this week, or maybe the one to follow. I sometimes say to folks, “it’s a late delivery.”

I relish the Scriptural Truth that God always does what He does “when the time is right,” reminding myself that I am not always in sync with that. Sometimes I wait too late, or get busy with other things, or just forget that the time is NOW. And I rejoice it is never to late to llove someone, or meet a need, hold a hand, share a hug, pay another’s debt, whisper a prayer, grant a wish,  correct a mistake, or share the Gospel with someone.

If the Christmas were good for nothing else, it reminds us that God is the Giver of redemption, life eternal, sanctification, llove for one another, peace, joy, comfort, and all things True and good. Hallelujah!