Thought For The Day


Our society frowns on torture, or what is considered torture (what is now generally known as “enhanced interrogation”),  regardless of the circumstances. As with most things there is a wide variance of opinion regarding what torture is exactly. For example, I consider it torture to see one single minute of  any number of mindless, idiotic, suggestive, banal, obscene “situational comedies” that populate weekday evenings on television. But that’s just me.

Our Pastor is teaching through the book of Hebrews, and on this Bible Study evening we will be passing through Chapter 11 where there is much talk of torture accompanied by the names of such activities. It is shocking to see what our brothers and sisters in earlier centuries experienced because of their faith – especially in light of what we consider “torture” in the 21st century.

Some are convinced that it is Sunday torture to see both hands of the clock on twelve and the Preacher with two points remaining.

Others are tortured that the first song sung as Worship begins was written in the 15th century and has no “drum line.”

Still more believe it would be extreme torture if they were suddenly required to return to Worship on Sunday evening – God forbid it would be on Super Bowl Sunday.

21st century Believers in the United States of America feel tortured when they are branded hypocrites – even though they are frequently and rightly caught red-handed.

Perhaps a quick run through of Hebrews 11 – and particularly verses 30-39, might make Sunday more bearable. Sunday night at the Church is not really in the same league as being “stoned, sawn in two, slain with the sword, destitute, afflicted, tormented, and living in dens and caves.”

Maybe a little confession of “sins of omission” is in order – but, it’s your call.