Thought For The Day


Are you looking for Truth? I remember Lt. Caffee’s line in “A Few Good Men,” (a movie) “I want the truth!!” Do we really? There are some areas of life where I am not sure the truth is what I want to hear. Let me give you an example or two.

Do I really want to know how much money is being wasted, profligately spent, handed over to enemies, falling through the cracks, etc., in our National Government? It almost makes me sick. I often “pass” on that information.

Do I want to know how/why airplanes land at the wrong airport, under/over-shoot the runway, lose engines in flight, have sleeping pilots? Makes me nervous when flying if I know that truth.

Do I want to know why people choose Church less often than they choose almost every other thing? I would have to deal with how much of that is the fault of those of us who plan/conduct/evaluate what takes place inside that building where the Church gathers. That would be a scary truth to know.

But then, if I want Truth, clear, unspun (no spin?), unadulterated, life affirming Truth, where will I find it?

There is only one place. Believe me, the Government won’t tell you the truth. They will tell you what they want you to hear as they lie about everything they can. Remember the words – “If a politician’s mouth is moving, he lying!,” are often accurate. The airlines won’t tell you the right answers – and neither will the NTSB. No reason to ask – it “ain’t gonna happen’!” Churches create out of thin air the reasons they are “in a slump,” experiencing “a financial letdown,” or why attendance is down. . .or up, for that matter. There are about as many reasons as there are Churches.

The only place you are ever going to find the Truth is in the Word of God. Period. It is clear, it is accurate, it is infallible, it is relevant, it is appropriate, it is immutable. You need to be able to find that Truth at your Church. You need a gifted, inspiring, lloving, shepherding Pastor/Teacher who is proclaiming the Word of God without any compromise, cowardice, or confusion.  You need to commit to be faithful, regular, eager, and enthusiastic, scooping up that Truth with the enthusiasm of a gold miner finding gold – because this is real gold!

If you don’t have a Church like that, find one! Do it now! We all want some truth in life about every issue – but we desperately need the Truth of God’s Word. It is light, it is joy, it is peace, it is Life.