Thought For The Day

What Season?

Have you noticed that some people get a little “crazy” at Christmas? For example, how many lights can someone put on/in one house and yard? I tease my lovely bride about the number of “ornaments” she puts on our tree, but she reminds me that everyone is a “special remembrance” of someone or something.

These folks at Chase Bank have got me wondering. What exactly is this “season” anyway. In a report about the parent company having a Christmas tree removed from a local branch the following statement left me unsure –  

“Unfortunately, we’re unable to keep it [the tree] on display for the remainder of the holiday season.” JPMorganChase ensures that decorations are “something everyone is comfortable with, regardless of how they celebrate the season,” Hassell said. Terry Evans,

How one “celebrates the season” should depend on what the season is, right? For example, how does one celebrate the “freedom” season in the United States of America? The 4th of July (in America) is a celebration of Independence from the tyranny of one Nation controlling another. Correct me if I am wrong, but in Great Brittan the 4th of July is just another Summer day. In China the main winter festival is a New Year celebration that occurs at the end of January. Recently, it’s become known as the Spring Festival, and is a time of gift-giving and feasting. A key aspect of the Chinese New Year is ancestor worship, and paintings and portraits are brought out and honored in the family’s home.

 I hope they hear and accept the Good News, but until they do, I won’t be on their case about how they celebrate their Spring Festival.

So how does one celebrate “the season” at Christmas? It is the season of celebrating the birth of Christ, and we have chosen to utilize Christmas trees to mark our remembrance, so how does that become offensive? Why would anyone feel compelled to hijack that celebration with. . .well, other foolishness? If you don’t celebrate the birth of Christ, just move on down the road and stop aggravating those who do. I promise I won’t bother you when you celebrate St. Patrick’sDay with your green beer and other stupid stuff.

I don’t mean to be unkind (then again, maybe I do), but if you don’t like the “trappings” of Christmas – get over it. It is what it is – isn’t that what we say? Next thing you know someone will want to remove the hearts from Valentine’s Day because the folks who don’t have one might get offended!