Thought For The Day


From my perspective the future] of our beloved America is in big trouble. Perhaps all the “talk” about millions of uncertified ballots, Civil War if things don’t go a certain way, failure of our Government to provide a peaceful change of power (if need be), and the specter of a worsened pandemic, is just that, talk. I can’t help but wonder if it has a genuine base in reality. Everyone wants it his/her way.

I remind myself that our Father is not taken by surprise, nor has He abdicated His position as the one who chooses those who will be “King.” (see Daniel 2:21) Our responsibility is to pray, then take more time to pray, then spend some time in prayer. As Citizens of the United States of America we are allowed to vote (one time, each time, only), and wise men and women will take advantage of that right. Some will find their vote leads to a “winner.” Some will find their vote leads to a “loss.” And Godly people will accept the outcome, press forward in being a part of the (in this case)  old or the new administration. God design may or may not be our design, but the reality is the outcome in the hands of the Lord God of Heaven and Earth.

I am believing that either way we will find good. . .and bad. Either way we will find that men who follow in the steps of the Savior lead well, or in the steps of the Enemy, who will damage and/or destroy that which we find sacred and holy.