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i wish i'd said that - christian devotionalsHave you ever thought: “I wish I’d said that?” Now you can! Here are some interesting insights, thoughtful reasoning, and wonderful stories that you can use.

Someone has asked you to present a devotional thought to your group and you need a brief presentation that will challenge their thinking. Perhaps you need something a little more substantial and if you had a fresh idea you could expand it with some additional thoughts and concepts.

Here, presented in their original format (I did not delete or change references to our Church’s programs and activities) are 100 ideas that can be used as is or easily expanded. Each one takes the Truth from a particular Scripture text and then introduces a thought or idea. They are designed to give you and your hearer something to think about, or something to stimulate study in the area addressed.

For longer presentations, these ideas become the seeds for inspiring your own insight and understanding in order that you might encourage and excite your listeners.

Also included are seven “Stories From the Imagination.” These very short stories are most suited for dramatic reading to others. Some are especially good for Adults, others for those as young as Kindergarten age. They and all ages in-between will be enthusiastic at hearing the stories centered on Biblical characters, or characters in the life of the author, yet entirely created in the imagination of the writer.purchase christian devotional book

This book is intended as a resource for your personal enjoyment and insight and for your ministry to others.

I’m praying that you will be encouraged, enlightened, and embolden to share the Truth with others every time the opportunity presents itself. Above all, enjoy, learn, create, and share.

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