Personalized Messages

Sometimes You Need Something Special –

One of the services provided by Lloveletters is providing written items designed especially for you. What is it you need?

A birthday wish for someone lloved –

An anniversary message¬†that will make your wife or husband think you are the “greatest” –

A eulogy –

A funny or serious poem for recognizing someone’s accomplishment –

Wedding vows –

Speeches/testimonials/tributes (think wedding toasts from the best man/bridesmaid), etc. –

Wordsmith your writing or thoughts and supply suggestions for change if needed –

You supply the information regarding what you want to say, the facts needed for the particular situation, and the length of the item(s) you need. We will quote the cost to you, and meet your time frame (if possible – or let you know we can’t).

All items supplied become your personal property and you can use them as you wish. We don’t mind if you take credit for the work. If you wish to give credit to Lloveletters, that is fine too.