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Father’s Day

My Father was a preacher. He wasn’t always, and started Pastoring when he was in his thirties. He was committed to Bible study, and as a child, along with my two sisters, I was required to memorise Scripture, and quote it to him along the way. It was not filled with joy back then, but it sure did leave me in a position to know the Truth as I grew older.

Most of the families in any given Church don’t have such requirements. Sunday school, maybe, or Worship attendance, but no managed time for memorising. Does it make a difference? I believe it is critical and will create some walls, or at least some thoughts that remind of how this World will destroy us in a thousand ways if we are not sure of what is certain, right, and life-giving.

Our society is damaged beyond repair. That damage is debris in the life of every child, teen-ager, man and woman. A good family will find in God’s Word the Truth that allows life as God designed it. It will save some, change some, help some, for without  the Truth every lie will drag one further from life as God choses each person to live. Give it a try, Dad. It’s good, very good.

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