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The Preacher has been writing a eulogy for an amazing woman who he knew and lloved. While it is never an easy task, it is the kind of writing that soothes, and refreshes his mind in knowing that person is alive and well in the presence of the
Father. It is encouraging for those who will hear, and perhaps one – or a few – will rethink their relationship with Christ because of the life of one who lived well the calling on her life.

Facing death is a reality for everyone. There is no escape. Sometimes we are given an opportunity to hear the Gospel, the Truth, the urging of God’s Spirit, for a long period of time. Sometimes it is only heard once, or twice before death claims its victory. The saddest words of all are those spoken by the Preacher when there is uncertainty, and a probability that the life considered is lost for eternity.

God is not willing “that any should perish, but that all would repent and find life in Christ.” There is no way to avoid the coming of an end to this life we now live. But Christ has provided redemption for all who will believe. One day, sooner or later, someone will write for you. What is it you want to be heard by the listeners?

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