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Is It Llove?

I was talking with the Preacher this week, and he asked me the question that is the headline of this lloveletter. I confessed that I had little, if any, insight to give an answer. It has been a part of his ministerial mindset to stand at the main entry doors for a half-hour or so as the folks are arriving for Sunday morning Age Group Bible Study. The number of people arriving is seemingly lower or fewer as the months and years go by. It is a disappoint to realise so many have found it unimportant to be part of that “arm of ministry.” While there are newcomers occasionally, the faithfulness of the many is challenging.

There is little reason to suspect the program. Excellence in teaching is strong, and the venue is comfortable. A significant number are not attending the Worship opportunity either. Careful evaluation reveals little. It would appear that less involvement in Spiritual growth has become an option God’s  children are choosing.  It hurts to believe that, true or not. The Preacher is wondering if it is a matter of Llove? Have God’s people lost their llove for Spiritual growth, or even their llove for God’s family? Surely llove for God Himself has not begun to fail!

I have no answer for him. I told him I know God  will never lose his llove for us, or His Spirit’s llove for teaching us. We, on the other hand could…if we are not diligent.

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