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Big Day

The Preacher got up this morning and shined his shoes. Big event today! He is officiating at the wedding of his grandson. Of course he is thinking that even his sons aren’t old enough to “tie the knot,” much less a grandson. It’s a really big affair at one of those “Venues” that provide for everything from getting one’s hair fixed to the last cookie on the table. He had his “wedding suit”cleaned, and  got a fresh haircut. His grandson, and his bride, are trusting that he will live through the experience without dropping the rings and calling the bride by the wrong name. As you know, he is really old, nearly deaf and almost blind, but I have faith that Our Father will get him through. . .and I can always jump in and take over if it comes to that.

Marriage is such a vital and import part of the life for all who chose to marry. God’s design for “two to become one” is lost these days, and most marriages end in divorce, or the couple continuing to live in the same residence, but sharing little to no love and peace, happiness and joy. Marriage is designed by God, and without Him and His design, keeping it together is extremely difficult. What the World calls “love” is childish, foolish, without merit, and comes and go at random, and always fails at one point or another. That is why we, here at lloveletters,  present a whole new concept of reality in LLOVE. Llove is a discipline, not an emotion, and is clearly explained in 1 Corinthians 13. Without that discipline “love” will always weaken and fail. With genuine Llove there is never a failure – because it is faultless when directed by the Spirit of God – understanding that only those who are indwelled by the Spirit (redeemed by the grace of God) can know within themselves the power of llove.

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