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In Romans 6:13 (in part) Paul tells us that those of us who are “alive from the dead (must) offer yourselves to God, and all  the parts of yourself to God. . .”

The reality is most folks are holding some parts of their life from what is offered to God. Maybe it is their brain, hand, mouth, or other part that is reserved for themselves.

We are to “think on Heavenly things” rather than Earthly things, yet for many it is the baubles and trappings of daily life that attract the majority of attention. While we  ought to be concentrating on knowing and understanding God and His design for our individual life, we are focused on the latest movie or TV offering, or the demands of a job or commitment we made short of God’s design for us.

Maybe it is our hands that are the problem. We clutch the issues we believe to be important rather than releasing everything to our Father in Heaven. We become greedy, or stingy, rather than releasing the resources we have been given by God to others when it is right to do so.

Perhaps it is our eyes or our ears that are given over to the evils that surround us, and thereby not seeing and hearing the wonders of God’s work in our World, rather than joining through our giftedness that which God is accomplishing.

That the Church (God’s family) suffers from a lack of attention is not hidden from us. We know and understand that our responsibility is to be about he work of Him who sends us, but fail to discipline ourselves to the work at hand.

What about your parts? Are there some that you are reserving for yourself. . .or other distractions that keep you from offering “all the parts of yourself to God?”

Parts are not just parts. They are the tools God chooses to share the Good News, minister to those around us, move us toward maturity in the faith, and/or build the Kingdom of God with authority and power.

Take a look at your parts. Commit to offering them to God.


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