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Thanksgiving, 2023

Thanksgiving day is almost here, and most likely you are already busy with what that brings – family and guests, cleaning, cooking, and football. I hope that you are also planning for some special service offered by  your Church.

There are so many things for which we can and should be thankful. We are not in a war-torn Country, most of us will celebrate the day with much more than many in almost every community, and our “way of life” is so foreign for others around the World. Our family will be together, food will abound, and we can watch the Cowboys win again (hopefully).

Please, however, in all your thankfulness, don’t forget to thank our Heavenly Father for our redemption, His Spirit leading, guiding, teaching, and filling us with peace and joy. Thank God for His attributes, omnipotence, omniscients,  etc., and His amazing gifts of  grace, llove, Truth revealed in His Word, and for the brothers and sisters who make up our spiritual family. We can do that every day of the year, but don’t miss  this opportunity.

Here at LLOVELETTERS we thank you for reading, listening, and learning. We are thankful when you respond – please do.

Have a great Thanksgiving Day!



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